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Dr. Matthias Kilian was born in 1969 and today lives in Cologne, Germany.

He is Director of the Soldan Institute For Law Practice Management, Essen, a research institute focused on socio-legal and empirical studies on the German legal profession. His recent current work in this capacity includes research projects on young lawyers, lawyers’ remuneration, mediation by lawyers, the public perception of lawyers, access to justice, lawyer specialization and on the female Bar.

Dr. Kilian is a Senior Research Fellow of the Institute Of Employment And Business Law and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cologne. He has held several research posts at the University Of Cologne since 1995, with his work focusing on business law, procedure and the legal profession. His teaching at the University Of Cologne includes business and company law, professional responsibility and lawyers’ skills. He was awarded a Ph.D. on a comparative study of speculative funding by lawyers in 2003.

He is a fully-qualified attorney (Rechtsanwalt) and member of the Cologne bar association. He has practised as the founding partner of the Cologne office of a mid-sized multi-disciplinary law firm, a position he vacated at the end of 2006 to focus on his academic work. As a lawyer, he specializes in advising and representing other professionals.

Dr. Kilian is a member of the Documentation Centre of The Law of The Legal Profession In Europe, a joint research unit of the German Bar Association, the German Federal Bar, the Federal Chamber Of Notaries and the Institute of The Law Of The Legal Profession which is based in Cologne, and the member for Germany of the International Legal Aid Group (ILAG).

He has published widely in the field of his research work, among others, works on trans-national legal practice, legal ethics, European law, procedure, ADR and family law. His most recent books include works on the regulation of lawyers for practitioners and student lawyers, a book on lawyers’ fees, a handbook on law practice and its management which he co-edited, and a work on the basics of lawyering/skills. He is also the co-editor of the bi-annual Statistical Yearbook of the German legal profession.

Dr. Kilian is one of the four editorial board members of the BRAK-Mitteilungen, the journal of the German Federal Bar and also member of the editorial board of AGS, a monthly law journal on law practice management and legal fees. He is the book review editor of the Anwaltsblatt, the monthly law journal published by the German Bar Association. He is a member of the Legal Services Committee of the German Bar Association and of the Advisory Board Legal Affairs of Stiftung Warentest, Germany’s consumer watchdog.

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